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Sell Your Car For Cash in Sydney

Want to sell your car and earn top cash for cars for $9999? When the time comes to change cars, you face two very different tasks. The first is fun and involves exploring your options with regard to your new ride.

The second can be much more of an undertaking and involves finding someone to buy your car or sell your car. If you own a car that has given its best already, then you are most likely not going to entertain the idea of selling it to a garage or independent buyer.

Car wreckers are a great choice in such instances. Naturally, you might believe that the amount of money you can get will not amount to much. However, your job is to make your vehicle as attractive as possible so that it sells your car for the best possible price.

While this may sound like sprucing it up to look its best, there are, in fact, many more things that should be taken into consideration to make sure that you walk away with a smile on your face and never have to think about your faithful old set of wheels again.

At Cash Your Car Sydney, we have considerable experience handling cars. We are always willing to take away a car that just won’t sell, or cannot attract the right bidders. We have shelled out up to $4,000 in the past.

Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Sell Your Car in Sydney:

1. Appearance

This is the bare minimum effort that needs to be invested to help attract someone willing to entertain the notion of acquiring your car. Clean the inside and the outside. There is no excuse for showcasing a dirty car.

Even if you’re incapable of physically cleaning it, there are plenty of great service providers out there willing to valet and leave it spic and span. And, if some time has passed since you first tried to sell it, don’t forget to give it a quick once over before our professionals show up.

2. Price

This is one of the trickier elements of the equation. You might think that your car is worth a few thousand, but do your research and take a look at what similar cars are selling for, both online and at the garages.

Price your car too high and nobody will even give it a second look. Price it too low and some buyers will wonder to sell your car what is wrong with it. There is always a sweet spot, but external factors often eliminate the possibility of a traditional sale.

3. Documents

This should be a relative formality for any car owner. Ensure that you have your owner’s manual, logbook, and service record ready for any interested party to inspect.

Failure to provide any or all of the above will lose you the possibility of even attracting the services of car wreckers.

4. Historical Information

You want those that come to view your car to have faith in you and believe that you are being entirely up-front with them. It’s always much tougher to get cash for cars as an independent seller.

The trust factor is crucial. As such, let them know about any faults you had fixed, or if there are any issues that you are unwilling to fix that they need to know about.

5. Advertising

You want the best chance to sell your car, right? Then choose wisely in terms of where you advertise. You could park it outside your house with a phone number on the window but expect prank calls and a world of frustration with this option.

Online ads are cheap, easy to upload and you are in control of the information. Avoid personal details, include all pertinent information, and don’t just limit your audience to local areas. Spread a wide net.

6. Meeting

If you have a car that’s still attractive to buyers, then they will want to see it at some point. While it may be convenient to invite buyers to view your home address, this can result in unannounced return visits at inappropriate times.

As such, consider arranging a place to meet them and think about bringing a friend just for peace of mind.

7. Test Drive

To some extent, anyone looking for cash for cars needs to be a cop. Make sure that you see the buyer’s driver’s license before you let them take it out on the road.

It’s no harm to give your insurance company a call, too, just to determine what cover you have should anything go wrong. And, of course, never let anyone test drive the car without you sitting in it.

8. The Haggle

Unless you hit the jackpot and find a buyer that says yes to the price you advertised the car for, you should expect to haggle.

Any faults you noted will likely force you to lower the price a little, but once you know what your minimum acceptable price is, then you can confidently tell them to ‘take it or leave it’. Better to walk away than accept less than it’s worth.

9. Finalizing the deal

If you don’t need to consider seeking car wreckers and manage to sell your car, then it’s important that you provide them with a receipt that states that it was ‘sold as seen’. Make a copy and keep it in your records.

Most importantly, regardless of how well you got on with the buyer to sell your car and your gut instinct that says they are trustworthy, never hand over the keys to the car until the money you are owed is in your bank account and has cleared.

10. Scrap

Failing all of the above, if weeks pass and you are unable to find a buyer for your car then alternate options should be explored. Scrap is a great choice when it’s unlikely to sell your car.

It enables you to get money quickly, rid yourself of the old motor, and know that it will be processed and treated properly by a team of professionals.


There are plenty of cash-for-car sites out there, some reputable, others less so. At Cash Your Car Sydney, we are the best in the market. Our reputation precedes us and we are ready, willing, and able to sell your car and pay you for it within a couple of hours.

So, now that you know how to improve the odds to sell your car and know the ways To Boost Your Scrap Car Value By As Much, we wish you good luck as you undertake this tricky task.

If, however, you are ready to secure the sell your car services of the best car wreckers in Sydney, then give us a call.