sell a used car

How to sell a used car fast? Choose Cash your Car Sydney!

If you want to sell a used car for as much money as possible, there are several ways you should consider. Contact Cash Your Car Sydney to know more about how to sell a used car for cash.

The method you use will depend on the details of your vehicle (make, model, year, mileage, condition, etc.), where you live, how quickly you want (or need) to sell a used car, and whether you intend to sell this junk one and buy another vehicle at the same time.

Where and How to sell a used car for top cash?

Selling an old and unwanted car is a very overwhelming task. So when it comes to selling a used car, you must rely on our car removal services. Cash your Car Sydney’s free car removal services offer top cash for scrap cars up to $9999.

We pay the price for old and unwanted cars on the spot. Here’s how to sell a used car fast and earn top cash up to $9,999:

Cash your Car Sydney has made the used car selling process simple:

Instant Online Quote

You can call us or fill in a few details about your car for an instant quote. You have to provide a few vehicle details such as make, model, mileage covered, age, conditions, etc.

Free Car Inspection

You can schedule the date and time for the car evaluation service at your convenience, whether you are comfortable at your home or workplace.

Accept the Quote

Once our car appraiser team will inspect your vehicle, they will provide you with a quote for your car. We ensure the quote will be fair and based on the market price. Once you accept the quote, we will proceed with the car removal process.

Same day payment

We will come to your place with our towing truck to tow your car and complete payment and paperwork on the spot.

Few more options to sell a used car for top cash:

The car industry is rapidly changing to meet the needs of car buyers and sellers who are short on time, money, or perhaps a little of both.

Unless you’re trying to sell a used car, there are a few options to sell a used car for top cash:

1. Consider selling privately

Your vehicle will usually get a higher asking price if you sell a used car privately. However, this method requires a little more work and time. Generally, you have to advertise the vehicle yourself. And then wait for the right buyer to arrive before you can sell it.

Private sales can be advertised in your local newspaper, via online platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, on dedicated websites like or, or even by putting a for sale sign in your window while driving around town.

This can be a great option for car owners who are interested in selling their current vehicle but don’t mind saving some extra cash for the next car they want.

2. Sell ​​it to a Car Dealer

Many dealers will be able to buy your used car even if you don’t intend to buy a replacement from them. In some cases, they sell the vehicle in their used car lot; In other cases, they may submit the vehicle to Auction.

Although your vehicle will likely need to be in decent working and physical condition, dealers will accept several cars for sale or exchange.

Selling to a dealer is often a good option if you want to get rid of the vehicle as quickly as possible and don’t feel like waiting for the right private buyer.

However, since dealers want to make money and also need to sell their cars to someone else to make a profit, this may not necessarily be the most lucrative option. If you have your Selling your car to a dealer means you can look around for the best deal.

Many companies, like CarMax, offer free reviews and offers to buy. In some cases, these offers last up to seven days and allow you to have your car evaluated by multiple dealers to find the best possible deal.

3. Trade in your vehicle to a local dealership

Trade-in your vehicle to a local dealership may be the most convenient option if you’re looking to buy a new (or new-for-you) car at the same time. This allows you to sell a used car to a dealer and apply that credit to the new vehicle you buy from the same dealer.

You can include your trade-in value in your negotiations about your new vehicle. In addition to negotiating the purchase price of your new vehicle, may determine that your dealership will offer you a better price for your trade-in vehicle.

You can get some sales and trade-in offers from dealers before you complete your purchase. So you know you’re getting the best possible price for your old car. Some retailers also offer trade-in promotions throughout the year.

4. Sell Online

Today you can do almost anything online, and that includes selling and buying a car from home. Selling your car online may involve a car-buying service. One of these companies, which I also think is the best, is Cash Your Car Sydney.

Cash Your Car Sydney is perhaps best known for its touch-buy used cars across the country. But if you want to sell a used car, we can make that process quick and easy too.

How long does it take to sell a used car?

You can also sell a used car with an Instant Cash Offer. With just a few clicks,  you can get a cash offer on your vehicle. If you are happy with the price, you can fix a particular date and time for your unwanted car removal process.

Hand over your car for inspection and get instant payment. This entire process will hardly take a few hours. We also offer same-day car removals if you want.

The Final Verdict

With Sell a used car service, you can get an instant quote on your vehicle online, anytime, by me, anywhere. If you accept the offer, which will take approximately two minutes to receive.

A representative will be sent to collect your car. They will inspect your vehicle to make sure everything is as listed.