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Bringing the dead tires to hit the road is impossible, Running the fade up, the dilapidated car is a wastage of time! We advise you to not wait for a second give us a call right now or fill up our cash for car service quote online immediately! We’ll first offer you an irresistible amount and after you accept it our team of tow trucks will be at your doorstep.
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Hi, and welcome to Cash Your Car Sydney; the best automobile disposal company in Australia. Junk removal can be expensive, and oftentimes the bigger the object, the more expensive it is to remove it. When it comes to old cars, more costs can be associated due to the toxic nature of oil and gas, and the bacteria, allergens, mould and mildew that can be hiding in upholstery and under the hood.

Looking for cash for your car in Sydney? We’ll Give You an Online Quote Right Now

If you have a car that you no longer want and it’s sitting in your yard taking up valuable space, call us and we’ll give you cash for it. That’s right; all you have to do is get in touch with us and we’ll give you official cash for cars Sydney online quote that will tell you how much we will give you for your car.

Getting an online fixed quote is quite crucial nowadays since most buyers first lure you with enticing offers and then make you a lowball offer once you meet them. To help you avoid this fraudulent scheme, we offer you fixed cash for car service quote online based on the information you provide us and we’ll stick to the initial offer as long as your information stands true.

We Buy All Makes & Models Of Cars For Cash

Do you have an old Peugeot in your driveway that isn’t roadworthy anymore? Perhaps you have a Kia parked up in your garage but you haven’t driven it in years? Maybe you’ve just got a new BMW and you need to free up space in your yard by getting rid of your old Volvo?

Whatever your situation, we buy all makes and models of cars so get in touch with us today. We’ll give you an online quote, give you the cash and then remove your car with no hassle. We even work outside of regular business hours to accommodate you! If you’re only free on Sundays, no problem; we’ll make a pickup time work around your schedule.

We are an environmentally conscious company so not only will we remove the car and clean your space using the best, most ethical practices but our goal is to generate value out of junk cars so it’s a win-win.

Why Choose Us?

We know there are a lot of options to get quotes for your car in Sydney, but we’re constantly striving to be the best. We focus on doing things ethically, responsibly, punctually and reliably from the moment you contact us until you have cash in hand, the vehicle is gone, and beyond that.

Unlike most other cash for car shops, we don’t sneak in any hidden fees or towing costs that ultimately take away from how much you get for your car, and we don’t reject any make, model, or condition of the vehicle. We are upfront and customer-focused as our customer service and customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.

I want to get an online quote for my car. What do I do?

If you’re ready to make some money and get rid of your unwanted care, give us a call right away and we’ll give you an online quote. We can arrange same day pickup or call to you on any day that works best for you. We look forward to working with you.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at   02 9167 9197   or write us on

We know there are other options to get cash for cars in Sydney, however, we remain confident that our services are kilometres ahead of the competition. Nobody else has the elite crew that we have, providing Scrap Car Removals in Sydney. Our dedicated team of Sydney Car Wreckers. Don’t live in Blacktown? Thinking to yourself, “how do I sell my car in Mount Druitt?” Don’t stress- we also have a dedicated team of car wreckers in Mount Druitt who can help you get money for your old clunker.
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We go out of the constraints of our working hours just to serve you! So, if you are free on Sundays to call us do not wait for another weekend to carry out this much necessary task done! The smile of satisfaction on your face is our source of motivation! Your convenience is everything for us